St. Andrews, a town on the eastern coast of Scotland is just a town to some, but to many, it’s known for golf. It’s home to seven different golf courses where there are over 230,000 rounds of golf played a year. The most famous course, the Old Course alone has 45,000 rounds of golf played a year. Visiting this town is ever golf fanatics dream. It’s even pretty cool if you aren’t a golf fan too, like me.


On our free afternoon, a small group of us decide to take the hour and thirty minute train ride to visit St. Andrews. When we arrived it was much colder than I anticipated, but that’s because it’s right on the coast, so I guess I didn’t take that into consideration when dressing for the weather. We saw the 18th hole on the Old Course and the famous Swilken Bridge. A few of us in the group were very disappointed they hadn’t schedule a tee time to golf, but we all still enjoyed our time. IMG_4617

Personally, I know close to nothing about golf. I am good at putt-putt and I’ve spent time at the driving range with my father, but other than that my golf experience is slim. Even though I am not a huge golf fan, this was still an extremely cool experience, because I know how famous St. Andrews is. I’ve heard of St. Andrews and I’ve seen it on T.V., movies and in pictures, so being there in real life was definitely an experience many people can’t say they’ve done.

The famous Swilken Bridge on the Old Course