After getting a tour of the infamous Kinloch Anderson kilt factory, I gained a profound understanding of how kilts are made and why they stand alone at the top as being the best mass producers of all types of mens apparel globally.  It’s own name is an advertisement in itself.  When you hear the words “Kinloch Anderson”, people all over Scotland can link it to one thing: tartan.  One of the most interesting things we learned is that it is still a family owned and operated business, and it’s currently on it’s 6th generation; making it one of very few family businesses to make it six generations.  Mrs. Kinloch Anderson (if that is her real name) explained to us that the reason they have been at the top and remain there is due to the quality and perfection they put into their kilts.  Only producing around 80 per month, the craftsmanship and hours of work is unparalleled to other companies.  After watching a brief advertisement video that showed the many different outfits that can be worn with mens’ kilts, we then got to see how a kilt is made.



I was blown away at the amount of tartan that is used when making a kilt, and the exact precision involved when pleating it.  That is probably the reason their cheapest kilt sells for around five hundred pounds.  Toward the end of the talk, I was informed that Kinloch Anderson has now started producing their own brand of liquor.  I quickly jumped on this opportunity and decided to purchase a single malt Scottish whisky.  Throughout the years, Kinloch Anderson has been so successful they have been able to tap into different types of consumer markets, easily represented by their new line of liquor.



History of Kinloch Anderson