Welp, its the last day of the trip, the last blog, the last time I’ll see some of these people, lets get down to it.  The day began with an early morning at Holyrood Palace, which is where the queen stays when she visits Scotland every so often.  The palace was absolutely stunning, and I learned some very interesting facts from the audio tour guide.  The intricacy and design that went into every room is simply amazing, even the queens walk in closet is beautiful.  My favorite part of the palace was the gardens that we were able to walk through.  It was a very scenic walk filled with old trees and colorful young flowers.  The garden annually hosts many events for the royal family and their guests of choice.




After touring Holyrood Palace we then met at a small café to deliver our facts about J.K. Rowling.  My question was what financial situation was she in before she wrote the Harry Potter series.  From what I can understand, J.K. Rowling didn’t have a penny to her name and was living on food stamps.  The Harry Potter series was a pretty incredible feat for her and could not have come at a better time and she is now one of the wealthiest women on the planet, as the series of books/movies have made over $15 billion in total revenue.  It’s interesting to think about how one person thought of an idea while scribbling on a napkin waiting for her train, and it reached the eyes of millions through texts, movies and video games all across the world, which to me is a perfect example of mass media.


J.K. Rowling Biography