Today marked the last day of our trip, 35 days, all over U.K and Ireland. I have been traveled a lot over the world, so before I come to this trip I was ready to be amazed.

1. Of course…Music.


Unknown Pleasures record



For people who know me, they won’t be surprised that I found U.K. fascinating by its music history, especially rock and roll. From post-punk to Brit-pop, punk to shoegaze, sex pistols to Joy Division, the Jesus and Mary Chain to my own friend Hamish. During my trip in the United Kingdom this time, my musical desire has driven me to lots of locations related to rock and roll.

  • Irish Rock experience museum
  • Sun Studio
  • Abbey Road
  • Manchester – bridge where Joy Division took album cover picture.
  • Camden Town

Last but not least- Records Store! I got to visit the oldest record shop in the world, Spillers Record in Cardiff. Check my blog post about it. Spillers in Cardiff -the Oldest Record Shop in the World since 1894. -by Min Wang


2. Film


My film visit has been a bless, started from Ireland Film Institute, I went to

  • British Fim Insitute
  • Scottish Documentary Insitute
  • Edinburgh Film Festival
  • The Making Of Harry Poter


Fish and chip as the primary must-try food and they were good unexpectedly. Tho I have been told English food is bland. Now I would say,  It’s a myth! The multiculturalism brought U.K. global taste and full of food options. You can find authentic Chinese, Jamaican, Japanese, French food….you name it.



During my stay, I took full advantage of train pass and went on train rides more than 10 times to visit my friends all over England and Scotland. I love the peace when sitting on the train and knowing that you are going somewhere.


Yes I like the weather! It kinda moody as who I am. I have enjoyed the rain in London, sunshine in Ireland, and the record-breaking hottest day in Edinburgh. I would say the variety of days added my trip more spices.