I think my family of golfers would have disowned me had I not visited (and bought them gifts from) St. Andrews during my brief stay in Scotland. On our free afternoon, a group of us hopped on a train and quite literally took to the hills to visit the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Though I didn’t get to see as much of the course as I would’ve liked, what I did see was spectacular. I felt as though I was watching a tournament on TV from the couch in my grandparents’ house rather than actually standing at the 18th hole of one of the most famous golf courses in the world.


The Swilken Bridge has to be the most recognizable feature of the course. Any successful professional golfer you can think of is sure to have stood and taken a picture on the bridge before finishing his round. Thanks to media coverage of pro tournaments and some pretty notable photos that have been taken there, any golfer can recognize the bridge on St. Andrews 18th hole. I’m hardly even knowledgable about golf relative to my family members, but even I knew the significance of where I was standing and what I was looking at. Yesterday wasn’t a particularly nice day, but the course was still absolutely beautiful and didn’t seem real.

Next time I see the course on TV I’m going to be able to subtly brag about being there which is fairly exciting. Who knows, maybe if I’m lucky (and rich and good at golf) one day I’ll return and actually play the course! A girl can dream, right?