After talking to video game designer Brian Baglow, I realized that video games have spurred so much more than just game consoles and apps for your iPhone. He talked to us today about how video games and video gaming systems have changed over time. Starting with arcades, moving to in-home gaming systems, and now handheld gaming systems and phone applications. But the part of his talk that really got me thinking was about the future of gaming and the future of technology as a result of gaming technology.

One of the advancements that s coming about is the self-service grocery store without the aid of a checkout counter. All that would be required is your smartphone. Disposable sensors would be placed in the packaging of your food so that your phone can sense what you are bringing home with you and charge it immediately to your account. Amazon has recently purchased Whole Foods in an attempt to create the first working store with this implementation. If this venture is successful, there are so many other possibilities that this technology could apply to.

For example, take that system of purchasing items and combine with your home. Imagine being able to order a laundry machine online or at a store and have it shipped and installed to your home. If your home is installed with the same technology that your phone or something like an Amazon Echo has, then your home will be able to lock and unlock itself when the installation service arrives, charge your bank account after the machine has been installed, and lock the door behind the installation men after they leave. You would’t need to be at home. Your house would control everything for you.

A future with this idea of a SmartHome that controls everything within your house for you is both exciting and scary. It is amazing to think about everything technology can do, but technology is also not perfect, so it is hard to say when these ideas will be tested and implemented on real homes. Ideas like the SmartHome remind me of the British television series Black Mirror. It’s hard to say whether these advancements in technology will actually have their horrific downfalls, or whether they will revolutionize the way we live our day to day lives for the better.

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