IMG_7150Today, we toured the Ed Film Fest office and cinema in Edinburgh, Scotland. The film festival runs from June 21-July 2 and shows handfuls of independent films a night. I did not get to see any of the films, because the one I tried to get into was sold out, but we were able to speak to the deputy artistic director, Dianne Henderson, who gave us a lot of insight in to the “behind the scenes” of the festival. IMG_7146

She told us that film making is not only a business, but an art. Many directors submit their films into festivals to network, communicate a message, and for the joy of showing off their work to the public. Many film festivals charge filmmakers for submissions and film makers often do not get much money back after a premier, but she said the industry and the practice is more than the money to these screenplay writers.

IMG_7149Independent films often communicate a message and are rarely made just for a profit. The manger we spoke to said that many screenplay writers take an issue they see in the world and create it into an art form using cinema media. Many films take issues such as LGBTQ acceptance in the world today and create a film to express this movement. Films often document times in history. IMG_7148

Dianne said she has been on the film festival industry for decades and it is the perfect job for her. She said she started small, just working the ticket booth and she worked her way up to an artistic director. She said she loves what she doesn’t because it involves a lot of film watching, traveling and networking.