The magnificent palace grounds; introducing the royalty of Scotland

Our final day in Scotland took us to Holyrood Palace, where the Queen resides during her visits.  If there is one thing I have noticed on our stay for this trip, it is that the United Kingdom has a fascinating blend of low and high culture.  By that I mean that the status of royalty and the status of the common citizens is clear in how they are unique and separated, yet they find some degree of shared ground.  The royal palace was adorned with paintings and murals, filling the beautiful walls with color and historical life.  Likewise, the very different pubs of Edinburgh have the vibrancy of esteem while still fulfilling their position as a common man’s ground.  The walls of pubs have antique décor and act as a time machine to their historical dates.

The palace’s abbey calls back to past traditions

The J.K. Rowling coffee shop showed the greatness of the United Kingdom just as much as the palace did.  The opportunity to succeed is major when it comes to what a place like Scotland comes to.  The media Harry Potter exudes is one of hope.  J.K Rowling could have easily had no hope; as a common citizen of an esteemed community, the challenges must have been immense.  Yet, she prevailed and in a short time became one of the richest and most influential women of our generation.  We grew up on this media and it has shaped the attitudes we carry to this day.  The power of mass media is unbelievable.  We are living in changing times; Scotland is a world of the old and new merging, which is what makes it so interesting.  The world changes and so does our media.  That change is left up to us.  It’s in our hands now.

5 Harry Potter spots in Edinburgh

The spot where Rowling found her magic