Films are an important part of communication, it is a visual form of storytelling. We went to visit BFI (British Film Institute) in London. Placed in Southbank, BFI is an repertory cinema in the UK. They specialize in seasons of classic, independent and non-English language films, that are screened at there.

After touring the facility we had the opportunity to learn about the institute. Film is well respected in London. BFI receive a lot of funding to help produce films. Film is viewed important, that deserve support to create.

BFI host film festivals supporting their “seasons”, which are films that fit a theme. These films range from: African Odysseys, Cult, Experimenta, Sonic, Projecting the Archive, or BFI Flare. During the slide show we discussed a variety of subjects from British vs. U.S. film industries and international films.

We also held a candid discussion on the lack of female directors, which is one of the reasons they’re screening Julia Dash’s film Daughters of the Dust, in honor of it’s 25th anniversary. Julia Dash is the first black film director with Daughters of the Dust being her debut film, unfortunately she never received the exposure/credit she deserved. I appreciated how BFI was celebrating the anniversary of the film, and giving it the exposure it didn’t receive before. Leaving BFI made me really interested in film again. If we weren’t on such limited time, I would of most definitely stayed to watch a screening there.

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