For our last day in the UK we visited the Palace of Holyroodhouse. This is the official residence in Scotland for the royal family. It has been a working royal residence for over 500 years. Photos were only allowed outside of the place, so the beauty and splendor of the place is something that needs to be seen in person. When the place is empty it is open to the public to tour. When the Queen is in residence the place is often used for events and ceremonies.


The place itself is a symbol of England’s control over the UK It shows the people of Scotland that they rule family still rules over them. It it possible that this may not be the case for much longer. There was a vote in Scotland in 2014 to decide if Scotland would stay in the UK or leave and become an independent country. The stay side won with 55.3% voting to stay in the UK and 44.7% voting to leave. Something that is interesting is that the turnout of 84.6% was the highest for an election or referendum in the UK. Another vote is being considered after Brexit. While Wales and England had a majority leave vote and Northern Ireland had a close margin, Scotland had 62% of voters vote to remain in the European Union. With the Brexit negotiations beginning, the people of Scotland are considering becoming an independent country to remain in the EU, similar to what Ireland has done. One Scottish woman we talked to voted to stay in 2014, but if she gets another chance she will vote to leave the UK. The Scottish people do not feel that their desires are represented in the UK government. I wonder what would happen to the castle if Scotland does one day decide to leave the UK.