I went into my trip knowing that if I brought nothing else, I would make sure I at least had my camera. I took a Photography class at Michigan State University and fell in love with photography and my camera more than I could have expected. I am very much a

Cannon Rebel T5i, SD cards and a standard lens, pretty solid necessities.

beginner, but entering a new landscape with rolling hills, historic buildings and exuberant culture I knew that I was going to be a kid in a candy store with my camera. This was true. I have taken over 2,000 photographs abroad, quite easily. Not all are winners, and most are for memory and documentary purposes but plenty of photographs were taken nonetheless. Being so on-the-go and carrying, a fairly dense, Canon Rebel had its moments of annoyance but it was completely worth the bulky purse. I made sure to pack plenty of SD cars, 2 batteries, a 15-55 mm lens, 50 mm lens and my charger. I bought a thinktank bag, that has plenty of storage for my camera body, lenses, laptop and even little things like books, chargers and snacks. It was a great purchase that has offered a lot of storage in a clean and slick bag.

Me enjoying a day out with my camera in Belfast.

I wish I could spend multiple months in each city capturing everything that catches my eye. I go home with a large range of photographs, all inspiring a different idea for a series. Taking pictures in different locations with various light, speed and proximity scenarios benefitted my ability to adapt quickly and adjust my aperture, shutter speed and ISO accordingly.

Ashley loved taking pictures of me taking pictures. Bless her. Here I am at Giant’s Causeway.

Traveling through the U.K. I very much noticed the extensive amount of expensive cameras that tourists had; some of the cameras being a dream and couple thousand dollars reach away. While my camera might not have all the bells and whistles some of their cameras did, it managed to help me take the photographs I hoped to take while on this trip. It is very true that you don’t need top-of-the-line equipment to create good work.

Checking out my pictures at Giants Causeway.