In Edinburgh, we visited  the National Museum of Scotland. The museum holds collections of national and international importance, preserving them, and making them accessible to the community. Our assignment was to find things in the museum, connects to communication.

1.) Cars: These machines have transformed over 200 years. Through media, car commercials are rebranded to the public. To communicate what new cars are on the market.The look of a car can communicate class and status. That is why cars are engineered in a variety of different models, and colors.

2.) Fashion: Fashion is said to change every ten years. The exhibit went over style within the fashion world. Clothes have the power to speak for ourselves, before even opening our mouths. The exhibit had designers such as Vivienne Westwood along with other designers, and there pieces on how they have changed/challemged the fashion world.

3.) Gift Shops: This area of the museum is overlooked, as something that can be sued as communication. Items from gift shops such as toys, key chains, apparel, and etc. It creates conversation and arouse curiosity  or familiarity, An example being a key chain of the museum. Someone who knows about the museum will see it, and see the familiarity maybe proceeding a conversation about the key chain.