This was one of my top favorite visits. It was a great to do a visit that dealt with our field. During our first official day in Scotland, we went to BBC Scotland. We entered the theatre room, with breakfast.

We had a lecture that went in details on the past, present, and future of BBC Scotland. After the lecture we did a tour of the building.

​The building was overwhelmingly huge. It was the biggest media facility I have ever seen. When I went to New York studios such as NBC and CBS was only small portion of Scotland’s building. It was interesting how they manage the tech, radio, television, and other departments all in one area with so many people. In America and the way the media and Money setup, small spaces and limited workers is how they generate their media facilities. BBC Scotland receive a lot of funding, therefor they can afford a large building and faculty.

​​The reporting studio was great. We had the opportunity to sit in the desk, and experiment with the weather board.

We also walked past the office where they gather all their media information.

We walked through their studio where they tape for a lot of their shows. We stayed in this area for awhile. The man who guided us, discussed the many different shows they film there, and how it all works out.

It was a great experience seeing a huge media business operate. It help understand how much goes into operating all the things, that create BBC.