Today is our last day in Scotland. In just under 15 hours, I will be heading to the airport to depart from Edinburg back to Detroit. We spend out last day first taking a tour through the Edinburg Castle, which is only one mile from the famous Arthur’s Seat which we climbed the other day. This castle is where the Royal Family stays when they visit Scotland. The castle has been used for many years and holds a lot of traditions and value. I learned that the King’s Chamber, which is the king’s bedroom, historically was IMG_7162not the bedroom where he slept. The tour guide said that the King’s Chamber was just a fancy bedroom used for business, but was a bedroom to show the King’s high status. He really slept in a simpler bed in another room. Attached to the castle was the ruins of an old church that has been worn down over time. The church is called the Holyrood Abbe Church and was from the 1100’s. The photos were incredible and it was interesting because the ruins were full of grave stones in the center and around the walls.




After the castle, we visited the coffee shop where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. It is a little red coffee shop called The Elephant House. It is incredible to think that Rowling was once sitting there, as a IMG_7174normal and unrecognizable person writing a series that would soon become one of the world’s most recognized stories. In the front of the shop, it says that this is where she sat to write her novel and it has a painting of her at a table in the window. She might have done this coffee shop a favor by giving them free business promotion.





Later today, we are meeting for the final time and having a group dinner. It is weird to think that in half a day, I will be back tony normal life in Michigan and not traveling anymore. I am going to miss all the friends I made on this trip and I am going to cherish the memories I made forever.