Today we went to the talk by the deputy director of Edinburgh International Film Festival after its opening last night. She gave us a basic sense of the mission, history and future direction of EFI.

The deputy director talks about the making of Edinburgh film festival and gives advice to new filmmakers.


The one tip she mentioned to give new filmmakers is to find the right festival, “You don’t make big noise in Cannes Festival. Just find the right one for you.”  That inspired me as well when choosing the career, doing creative work requires me submitting my journalistic projects to media art festivals. One thing I learned throughout my experiences is to choose the niche community for your audience.



God’s Own Country

In the evening, I got the chance to see a movie screening in the festival which was also the opening film – God’s Own Country directed by Francis Lee.


It’s a quite emotional movie that tells a story about a young man, Johhny, who works for his family remote farm long hours, struggling with his numbs by drinking and having casual sex with strangers- hiding the secret of being gay as well. His life got changed when a migrant Romania worker arrived to help his work, they work closely, and he felt the emotion he never felt before with this handsome, kind guy.  The night before he left for other farms seasonally,  they went out drinking, but some incidents happened that made him left directly without noticing Johhny. Johhny felt empty and lost, and finally, he decided to leave, and get him back.

As all romantic story,  this one also left a happy ending- Joe went all the way up to get him back. It is amazing how actors act those subtle emotions with non-verbal acting.

What I see from this queer film is, we need more happy-ending and the normalization homosexual community in filmmaking when portraying them.