I have always been a fan of television shows based off of historic royal families. For instance, there is a show called “Reign” on the CW channel. It is about Mary, Queen of Scots and her journey leading up to her arranged marriage with the Prince of France. The show is fictional, but a lot elements throughout the series were true to Mary’s history.

Today I went to Holyrood Palace to explore the castle and I quickly came to find out that this is where Mary lived after her husband passed away. She returned home to Scotland and resided in this very place; knowing that was absolutely surreal.

Holyrood Palace

While walking through the palace, I was able to see Mary’s dining room, bed chambers, lobby and more. I learned that she decorated her room to resemble the french style because Mary had lived in France for almost all of her childhood. Learning small facts like that was really interesting to me. I feel like I learned some truth about the real Mary and it will be odd when I continue watching “Reign” after this experience.

IMG_5251 Nowadays, Queen Elizabeth spends her summers here. I was able to see the dining room where she and her guests have dinner. I saw her seat and learned that she must sit in a certain chair so that she can have a conversation with everyone at the table. I also saw the Queens lobby-room. This room is where her visitors are brought to meet with her one-on-one.

Side view from the palace.

Visiting this palace was beyond enlightening. It made a lot of things clear about the Queen of Scots and her real life. As a fan of “Reign” and the story of Mary, this was an experience that I will always remember.