Walking around  Edinburgh, Scotland I noticed these pink advertisement signs for a Film Festival. Then I had an amazing chance to see what it was all about. Turns of the Ed Film Fiest stands for the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Similar to the BFI in London this was all about films. Internationally the Ed Film Fest is the longest continually-running films festival. Films are an important factor of media and a great way to communicate to the public. In my household certain movies, my mother made me watch so that I can have a reference to what she raised me on. Culturally , movies communicate a certain representation of personality. Threw documenteies we are able to inform to the public.

The group starting our tour


Diane talking to the group in a very comfortable room.

We received a short tour and then were introduced to Diane. Diane gave us a little history about the festival and how big it’s gotten over the years. She also explained how different country’s across the world submit their movies. It’s important to do so because cultural appropriateness is something the world needs more off. When films are created by the culture it portrays on screen , information is more accurate. I believe this is important in today’s society because the majority  is so ignorant to things that aren’t self centered. Before coming to the United Kingdom their were so many things I didn’t open my mind to think about. Diane mentioned how some films we’ve seen that portrayed to be British only focuses on a small portion and not the main picture.

Films are important because it is how we learn each other’s cultures around the world. When writers submit there work to the film festival of Scotland they first paid 120 pounds to submit it and then it is viewed to twice before a cut. They employees of the film festival take there jobs seriously and love with they do. With business like that the film industry will continue to thrive in media.