Visiting Edinburgh Castle was something I had been looking forward to this entire trip. When I mentioned to my father that we would be going to Edinburgh as part of the trip, he immediately asked me if we would be going to the castle. When my father was a young man he was in the US Navy. He traveled the world in a submarine, and one if the places he visited was Edinburgh. When he was here visited Edinburgh Castle. I was surreal that both me and my father visited Edinburgh Castle years apart. My dad told me to look for the Dog Cemetery at the castle. This is where solider’s dog are buried and has been in use since the 1840s during the reign of Queen Victoria. Many of my classmates found the cemetery creepy, but I thought it was touching.

Dog Cemetery

The castle sits high on a hill overlooking the city of Edinburgh. The views were spectacular. There were cannons all along the castle walls pointing toward the city. Looking at them you realized why they built the castle on top of a hill. Castles were the most well defended part of a city. This means any thing that need guarding is put in the castle. Soldiers, nobility and prisoners all once called the castle home. Today it is a museum and a tourist attraction.


I was surprised to see people from all over the world visiting the castle. There are accommodations for international travelers, like this sign that I found offering children’s activities in 10 different languages. To be a successful attraction, visitors must understand what they are looking at. Communication between the castle and visitors is necessary for all who come to see it. If communications cannot be understood, then they are not serving their purpose.