I’ve always felt more comfortable in a selective group of close friends and don’t choose to remain friends with just anyone. When I started to prepare for this trip, I became aware that I’ll probably be the only one on this trip that doesn’t go to Michigan State. It crossed my mind that many people might even be friends and that I’d have a hard time finding my niche. My first impression was positive, and everyone was very welcoming and excited to get to know one another. Our first night out was a fun one and it was exciting to meet new people from different backgrounds.

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Everyone in our group is very different and unique. We have so many types of personalities and interests that it’s easy to think that we would have a hard time getting along and finding common ground. As cheesy as it sounds, our differences made it more interesting to have conversations and relate to one another in a new way. While I did like getting to know everyone individually, I’m grateful that I found a group of four that I really bonded with.

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Our foursome related from everything from our favorite comedian’s quotes to our class schedules for next semester. I flew to Belfast on May 19 by myself, and I’m leaving a month later with lifelong friends. The experiences that I had here were unbelievable and I’m still in shock that this trip of a lifetime happened in the first place. Even when we were fighting or having a bad day, I couldn’t help but think how great it is to be mad in Ireland or London, places that I’ve wanted to visit my whole life. But the moments that I’ll remember from this trip are the nights spent sitting in pubs telling ghost stories, being late to almost everything, laughing until I can’t breathe for no reason, and belting really challenging karaoke songs with some of my favorite people.


Making friends on this trip was easy because we were forced into the same situations. We spent all of our free time together, which proved to be difficult at times when everyone needed their space. Regardless, I had friends to talk to about everything and an awesome group of people to share this experience with. I’m thrilled with the way this study abroad turned out and feel very lucky to have picked a program with fun, passionate, and friendly people. It would not have been the same trip without the three of them constantly bothering me and making me laugh every second of the day. Words can’t explain how sad I am to be leaving, but I will cherish our friendship and carry it with me throughout my life (I’ll also be carrying all of the bread I ate here throughout my life).