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Today, we visited Kinloch Anderson which is the highest quality Tratan workshop and store in Scotland. This store taught me a lot about Scottish culture. The store is owned by Deirdre Kinloch Anderson. The company was founded in 1868 by William Anderson in Edinburgh. Kinloch Anderson became the first company to make Tratan kilts for the royal family in 1903. In 1930, Kinloch Anderson decided to go beyond kilts and expanded their products to everyday wear, such as Tartan ties, socks and more. Overtime, the store began making women clothing as well. Today, Kinloch Anderson has over 300 stores and sells its merchandise worldwide. Recently, the company decided to create a whiskey line which sells from between 20 and 200 pounds per bottle.

Dierdre showed us all the work that goes into making one Tartan kilt. These kilts are made with yards of material and are put on the body by wrapping it around the waist. Dierdre said that each kilt is hand sewn and pleated. There are many pleats on a kilt and each pleat is about a hand width. Kilts do not have hems on the bottom because it would make them appear bulky, so people can only make alternations to the waist line of a kilt to adjust the length.

Kilts are mostly worn for formal events and celebratory functions. A lot of the company’s business comes from weddings or formal school functions like graduations. Kinloch Anderson makes Tartan kilts for the royal family as well for when they visit Scotland.

Different organizations throughout the world have registered Tartans. There is a wall with several different organizations and associations who each have three own Tartan prints. I also learned that MSU has a Spartan Tartan!