Scotland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The city of Edinburgh is filled with such history and a culture, that it always keeps me fascinated. The architecture here has such character, the landscape is filled with hills and trees, and the natives are very friendly. Edinburgh has a perfect mixture of city-life and small-town life. I could definitely see myself living here one day.

The type of architecture you see while strolling the streets of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has brought a lot of things to light for me. Comparing this city to the U.S. has been one of my tasks while on this trip and I have already found some differences within the couple of days that I’ve been here. One main difference I noticed (and this goes for all of the cities I visited in Europe), their food presentation is beautifully executed. Throughout this trip, there have been a lot of pub-stops so that the class could grab some food in the middle of sight-seeing. No matter how unattractive a pub appeared to be, somehow when the food arrived to the table everyone was shocked. The food comes out looking like a piece of art. That would totally not be the case back home. In the U.S., it is more common to have an unattractive bar serving poor looking food. And if not poor looking food, than it serves basic bar-food (like chicken strips or burgers). The pubs in Europe have the most exotic menu selections.

One of the pubs we visited served me this and I was impressed with the execution.

I feel that back home, bars are represented a certain way (more negatively). And the bars here are held up on a large pedestal. The Europeans love their pubs and I’ve come to appreciate them as well.