Unbeknownst to me, the Edinburgh International Film Festival started yesterday. I have never heard of this film festival in particular, but right when we began to learn about it today, I knew that it was a big deal. We met with Diane Henderson, the Deputy Artistic Director of the festival. One of her jobs is programming, which is to work with a team to sift through about four thousand films that were submitted and figure out which ones are the best for the festival. I learned that festivals aren’t even about the best film, they’re about the perfect fit.

I also learned that the EIFF isn’t just about watching movies. There are also special events going on around the city such as script readings, where the cast comes in and gives a live rendition of the script. Directors also come in to talk about their films and the underlying messages about the films. Sometimes there are question and answer sessions, but there are also times where the theaters are much too large for any type of audience to presenter communication. Film screenings take place all over the city in the many theaters in Edinburgh.

As an avid moviegoer, it is interesting to look at how independent films are promoted and work their way all the way up to the big screen. Diane was very passionate about the festival, and you could feel it with the way she explained all the inner workings of a film festival. I hope one day to travel the world to visit some of the best ones.