It’s the time of Edinburgh International Film Festival which features the great filmmakers and screenings from all over the world.  Edinburgh, as the cultural centre and leading festival city in the U.K., it’s the great location for cultural festival lovers throughout the year – music, art, film… you name it.

As a festival lover, I did some research on this fascinating city culture atmosphere.   here’s a list of all feature festivals that take place in Edinburgh.  Hub, as the unique venue.

Edinburgh International Festival

This is probably the best-known festival of Edinburgh with a rich heritage of operas, theatres, dance and arts.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Making fringe great again? This is the festival that’s for EVERYBODY! All ages and all tastes. They provide stages for new artists who want to perform and get famous for their careers.

Edinburgh International Film Festival


EIFF is the world oldest continually running film festival that features films screening, talks and related events.

Edinburgh People’s Festival

You may already guess it right by the name that it’s a festival for the indigenous talent and cultural entertainment at venues across the city as its slogan goes ” for the people, by  the people.”

Edinburgh Art Festival


EAF is the is the UK’s largest annual festival of visual art. It’s also free to attend.


My tips when considering attending festivals

  • Check the official website before you purchase the ticket, there is so much useful information out there. For example, download the programme/lineup/schedule, digital copy makes it easier to carry.
  • You can also find job/intern/volunteer opportunity by visiting the website. Be part of it!
  • Check the forum/Reddit/ TripAdvisor for tips, reviews from previous attendees.
  • It’s time to have fun!