The best kilts are made at Kinloch

Every place we have visited has had a culture that prides itself on a degree of heritage and distinguishing factors.  It is obvious that the tartan style of Kinloch Anderson’s preservation and evolution is deeply founded as a Scottish symbol.  The plaid lines and vibrant colors are instantly recognizable as being indicative of Scottish art.  Our speaker made it clear that the colors and the kilts themselves are forms of media and communication.  Family, or clans, would have specific tartans as a means of corresponding their heritage and position.  Today, they express a formal wear that expresses a freedom and relaxed wear that is heavily emphasized as being important to one’s character.  Kinloch Anderson has actually found an audience in a global application of their narrow market in places like Asia and the rest of Europe.  Not only have they evolved their market, but they have evolved their products to include scotch drinks, and other clothing options that employ quality tartan patterns.

Royal seals showcase the quality of Kinloch

I was impressed with how they even service the royal family, themselves.  That is certainly not something many companies can boast.  The kilts worn by royal family members are instantly recognizable through their unique colors and patterns.  This express the solidarity with the Scotland and the appreciation of another culture.  This presentation was largely our first look at fashion as a means of communication.  Advertising values and evolving styles that fit the individual.  Edinburgh, and Scotland as a whole puts emphasis on the individual among a shared heritage.

Find your clans tartan

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