Kinloch Anderson

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is well-known around the world for the very distinct aspects of their culture, such as the “kilt” with its variety of “tartan” patterns, bagpipes, and thick accents. “Tartan”, which many Americans refer to as plaid is created with significant effort and serves a very important meaning behind each stitched pattern. Each pattern represents a different family, organization, school, community, and/or message. The patterns consist of thin and thick, dotted and slashed, horizontal and vertical lines with a variety of overlapping colors. Michigan State University even has official tartan! See below. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 4.19.48 PM

At Kinloch Anderson, the leading manufacturer for kilts and Scottish tartans for over 100 years, we were able to see the massive amount of material it takes to make one quilt. The weight of the material is hidden in deep hand-sized layers within each pleat of the kilt. These pieces of art are not mass produced, they are individually hand-stitched to deliver the best quality possible to their customers. We learned that it takes eight hours to produce just one! Kinloch Anderson is extremely dedicated to sharing their passion for Scottish heritage with the people of the world, not just those with ties to Scotland. Their passion for their craft exceeds that of a typical money-guzzling business, however their quality does come with a price with their kilts starting around ‎£500.

After unfolding each pleat, the kilt looks much longer. There are many layers and material which stretched from nearly one side of the room to the other.

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