Founded in 1868, Kinloch Anderson has been making Tartan products for nearly 150 years, and while their product range has expanded immensely from just kilts at its founding, one thing has stayed consistent; it has been owned and operated by one family, through six generations. That is incredible dedication and passion for single trade and family business rarely seen in this world.


As our presenter, Deidre Kinloch Anderson OBE, said today, Tartan, as their national dress, has become so synonymous with Scotland that the term tartanization has been coined to refer to any act that makes something more stereotypically Scottish. She also, many times, made the claim that Tartan is the gift that Scotland has given to the world. Strong hyperbole when compared to many other inventions that originated within Scotland and Scottish people, such as Golf, the telephone, Scotch, and many more. However, while those may be associated with Scotland, nothing epitomizes and communicates Scotland to someone quite like a kilted man, and for that I can appreciate her statement.


Tartans also communicate one’s identity, and with proper protocol being followed, only a family member may wear his or her family’s tartan. A kilt is also a way for one to express themselves to others, and let them know their backgrounds, whether ancestral, monetary or whatever it may be. It may be a niche market to operate a business in 2017, however you could see from the very first moment we met with her today that Tartans are one of her life’s great joys, and teaching others about them is something that she cherishes immensely.