Today we visited Kinloch Anderson, a Scottish clothing company based out of Edinburgh. They make kilts, a traditional Scottish suit that resembles a skirt. These kilts are very high quality and start at around £500!

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Kinloch Anderson founded his company in 1868 and has not traded ownership outside of the family since its creation. Although they are based on a very traditional form of style, the company has made efforts to diversify as well as evolve to keep up with emerging fashion trends, all the while maintaining the quality of their original kilt. The family owned business is particularly proud of their Royal Appointments as Tailors and Kilt Makers to Her Majesty the Queen, to His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh and to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. There are plaques that exemplify these appointments all over the store.

Besides kilts, the store sells knives, flasks, scarves, rugs and more. There is also a Kinloch Anderson brand of whiskey that is on sale in stores. Although Kinloch Anderson has a rather small flagship with a functioning factory within it, there are stores worldwide, most notably in the United States as well as Taiwan.

The Tartan pattern is one that embodies Scottish culture. It communicates to an observer Scottish heritage even if it isn’t necessarily patterned onto a kilt. There have been many modernizations made to the style of dress throughout the world, but the kilt has stayed fairly true to its Scottish heritage. This is something that is apparent after spending time at Kinloch Anderson.