Today we met with Brian Baglow to learn about the video game industry. Brian is a 20 year veteran of the video game industry. Some of his work includes the Grand Theft Auto series, which is made here in Edinburgh by Rockstar North. He began by explaining that games are one of the newest media industries and one of the fastest changing. The video game industry is completely dependent of the technology of the time. Early video games needed massive computers to run. Then video arcades gave video games their own machines and pushed gaming into a commercial market. In 1974 Pong was the first arcade video game. Many people think Pong was the first video game, but it wasn’t. The first video game was Space War, which involved blowing stuff up. IMG_7103This tradition of shooting and explosions has continued all throughout the history of video games. Video games net moved out of arcades and into home consoles with the Atari 2600. Since then, video games have evolved into a huge and competitive industry. IMG_7099Graphics is one big component of the advancement of video games. The original Tomb Raider was revolutionary for it graphics and 3D gameplay. The earliest video game system I remember playing is the original Xbox. The first game system I owned was a Game Boy Advanced SP. People my age grew up with video games. We have seen them become a mainstream form of media. Brian said that today, video games are not just from gamers. The games industry has diversified enough that there is a game for everyone. IMG_7104Mobile games attract people of all ages. Health and fitness games are popular with adults and many people who don’t consider themselves gamers.  The future of video games will be one that drives the tech industry. Things like Augmented Reality and games that track your life may revolutionize the video game industry and beyond.