The day started with Brian Baglow and his lecture about video games. Brian was enthusiastic the entire time. As he went threw the history of video games I waited until he got to my area of Nintendo game boy , and game cube. I was never the child to be into video games until I found out Barbie had a game. Then I was introduced in to fashion games and my Sims.

Games are the youngest addition of media. Mr. Baglow explained that the one constant in technology is change. Video games have began evolving with technology since the 940s. In 1979 the game PAC Man was introduce…like back in my mom’s day. PAC Man did not only change the gaming world because it was fun , but girls enjoyed this game. Mrs. PAC man introduce a new world for gamers….the girly world.

The first gaming console that looked familiar in his presentation.
My mom would never buy me one of these.
Candy Crush Game


Later that day we took a trip to the National Museum of Scotland. While at  the national museum of Scotland I learned a lot more than I expected. I am normally not the fan of self walked tours. However , we were instructed to walk around and find forms of media and discuss them. I instantly thought I was going to have to search hard to find a connection. When in the end the morning of my day connected to my afternoon.




The first obvious sign of media at the museum was everyone taking picture of their favorite attractions. I considered this media because we all know that now a days when we like something we rush to share it to social media. This is a great way for the museum to receive free publicity and advertisement.

Tourist using their devices in the Museum.

Free advertisement and free entry is a brilliant strategy and will drawer tourist in. Advertisement is a way to communicate to the public about what is going on. The museum also uses technology to keep their guest interested in learning more. Learning is one of the most important forms of communication. When it’s fun and interesting it is easier to soak in.

My favorite part of the museum was the fashion exhibit. The set up drew me in because it appeared as a fancy store and I have retail therapy addiction so in my eyes that was a set up anyway!


Fashion exhibit from the second floor.

More technology in my favorite exhibit.
Nothing really to do with media but I learned that the style of Calvin Klein originated from Scotland!

Then I game across a video game! I guess Brian Baglow was right when he said video games are a big part of media. As I’ve stated before, technology catches our attention. When our attention is caught we are able to retain information. Receiving information to knowledge is the main point of Communication. All these things are need to in order for the media to connect to the public.



The dress I designed in the fashion room
Kayla making a Scotland inspired dress.

Video games are powerful. Even thinking back to the video games my mom would  buy me for me to learn.  I had a turn table game and a spelling one. The same games we played then we can now play on our computers and phones.


Image result for you got games meme



The world is connected on so many levels. The power of technology will continue to grow and be an important factor of communications. Video games are a form of technology that I never thought of as a form of communication. After this one day in Scotland I know have a different view on that.