Brian Baglow is “Scotland’s digital and interactive expert”, according to his personal LinkedIn profile, and with a quick look at his CV it would be very hard to make an argument against the claim. Brian spent his two hours with us going over the history and in part, the future of gaming, multimedia, and augmented and virtual reality in the U.K. and world.


Aside from the great information and history lesson on gaming, as well as his many quips during the presentation on a variety of topics, Brian did a fantastic job of connecting the information into applicable topics in mass media and everyday life. One thing he said in particular struck me, “reality is the second screen”. In the technology industry, a question that has been brewing for awhile has been what will join the television as your second screen for consumption. Will it be someone’s phone, their computer, something else?


Brian hit it perfectly though, and said reality, our lives, has become our second screen at this point, as we live our lives through our devices and treat our surroundings as something not worth experiencing. Even if we do something worth experiencing in our lives, such as going to a concert for our favorite band, a sporting event or something as spectacular as the Trooping of the Colour, we decide to record it and relive it later in life. And while wanting to relive memories in the future is absolutely understandable, I do it myself, doing it by obstructing your view in the moment may take away from the event itself and ruin what would otherwise be a wonderful memory.