National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

On the quest to find three representations of communication, our student group visited the National Museum of Scotland. There we found several examples of communication on display, such as the oldest color television set, the first Mac laptop, many generations of cell phones, a variety of fashion and more. The museum had something to offer for everyone, and I was most attracted to the fashion portion where there were displays of artworks from students in Edinburgh, old classic pieces, and modern hats and headbands. Fashion is a form of communication because it gives one the power to express themselves and communicate their individuality to the world.

The three items I chose are displayed in the photo slideshow below as well as other photographs I captured during my visit.

1) the oldest color television! Used to communicate news and entertainment messages.

2) fashion. Used to communicate one’s “sense of self” and express each individual person as it does today.

3) the first MacBook laptop! Used to communicate information using the Internet. Revolutionized on-the-go/portable technology.

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