A question I’ve heard multiple times on this trip is “So, what does this have to do with media?”. Other people have asked it and I have even asked it myself. I’m not gonna lie, in the beginning of the trip it was quite difficult for me to compare places like The Giants Causeway and Dunluce Castle to mass media. Since then, I have learned that virtually everything can be related to communication or media in some way.

Today we visited the National Museum of Scotland where we had to find 3 things that relate to media or communication. Looking around at a museum that kind of reminded me of the Detroit Science Center, I thought to myself “how does any of this relate to media?”, but it wasn’t as hard as I expected.

Inchkeith Lighthouse!

The first thing I saw was the Inchkeith Lighthouse lens. I thought that this represented a different kind of communication. This lighthouse was built in 1803 and helped warn ships from rough waters and prevented cargo getting lost at sea. It might not be face-to-face communication, but instead nonverbal communication between captains and lighthouse keepers.

The next item was easy, a red telephone booth found all over the United Kingdom. The iconic red telephone booths date back to the 1920s. This made for public, verbal communication between people.IMG_4555

The next thing that stood out to me were artifacts and history about Scottish Taverns. Taverns weren’t always just a place to go party and drink. Back in the day they were used for socializing, business meetings and debates. It was a place the towns people could come to meet because domestic accommodation was limited. But they still did an abundance of drinking, gambling and smoking in this little buildings. IMG_4553

Communication isn’t limited to your MacBook and iPhone. Media isn’t limited to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. There are so many different forms of communication and media, you just have to think a little deeper into it. It’s interesting to see how advanced we have become with communication tools and skills. It makes you wonder where we will be in 20+ years.