I’m sure at some point in your life, you have played a video game. Whether that be on a gaming device, computer, mobile phone, or at an arcade. The gaming world has changed so much over the years, and is still changing to this day. We spoke with Brian Baglow today who is has A LOT of knowledge on video games, and he also worked on Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

img_0081.jpgI didn’t realize how much of an impact video games had on our world, or that they are a form of communication. From a mobile app game on your phone, to playing an actual gaming system, it’s crazy how much money the gaming world makes. In the beginning of the gaming world, companies like Sega and ATARI were popular and battled it out through the years on making the best game system. Then, Nintendo came about and stole the show. They actually continue to steal the show in my opinion, but i’ll get to that soon. Sega and ATARI lost the spotlight and more gaming systems came out. That leads us to X-box and Play Station (my generation knows all about these systems).

The first PlayStation came out in 1994, but wasn’t released to North America until 1995. I remember playing this system as a young girl and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I grew up with brothers so naturally I had to learn to like gaming. But just when you think it can’t get any better, the Nintendo 64 came out, then the X-box, and over the years the 3 battled with each other. Not so much Nintendo, but when you asked people what gaming device they preferred or had, it was always X-box or PlayStation.


“Games are not just for gamers”. When I think about the types of systems and games that are out there, I naturally think of shooting games, sports games, things of that nature. But what I never thought about until today was how systems like the Nintendo Wii offer so much more than just games. They offer fitness, dancing, etc. It goes deeper into just actual gaming systems, though. Facebook offers games! Those game invites that everyone hated to get, that was all through Facebook (candy crush, Farmville, words with friends). When you look at the app store or the google play store on your mobile device, the top charts for paid apps are all pretty much games. Other than actual game apps, there are so many other apps on your phone that people use to communicate with each other; Texting apps, video calling apps to name a few.

I’m curious to see how the gaming systems are going to start competing with the phone world. There is an app for pretty much everything, literally. Phones are definitely the future (sadly) and I can only imagine how advanced the technology will be in the coming years.