Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat

Scotland is home to so much more media and mass communication than I expected.  Not only has it been home to great past innovators, but it is home to a mindset that seeks to nurture future generations into innovation.  Our speaker today is an important figure at the infamous Rockstar Games, who have been immensely influential in the video game world with their Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, and Max Payne series.  Haven grown up with video games as a part of my generation, I always enjoyed them; but never much gave a lot of thought into it being a viable industry for work.  I just assumed you needed computer skills and programming knowledge.  The speaker, however, made it clear that video games have become a media far more than just what we think. It is evolving; and quickly.  It’s a place of high demand and high profit, allowing for stories to be told through new mediums.  This made me do a double take.  Film and writing are my main interests; telling and showing a story.  Video games do just that.  Even if I don’t realize it, many of the games I’ve played have probably influenced my film scripts just as much as the films I have watched.  Although, one major difference is between the group act of watching a film together versus the singular activity of a game.  One is much more personal and communal while the other is more akin to reading a book.  Needless to say, I plan to look more into narrative opportunities with gaming; my interests have become expanded.

Telephones through the ages at the Museum of Scotland

After that we attended the Museum of Scotland which showcased communication and media throughout the world.  The evolution is stunning, yet the ideas remain similar.  The Inuit rock signs have a similar purpose of the European maps, in their showcasing of water and resources.  Telephones and carrier pigeons, radios and atom smashers.  Technology changes; but the core grooves of the message remain intrinsically human.

Media and its struggle with Video Games

Masks from all cultures express communication through emotions and mass entertainment. These expressions have evolved into our own media with things such as emoticons.