Today I had the task of finding three different forms of Mass Media inside the National Museum of Scotland. So apart from seeing all of the neat artwork and artifacts, I had to be on the lookout for media related things that personally interested me. Here are my top three findings:

I came across a display that was filled with different pieces of fabric that came from trees in the Pacific Islands. Off to the side of the showcase, I spotted this old looking newspaper that is titled, “The Fiji Times”. I read up on how hard people worked to get the bark into this exact form and how they used the bark in their everyday lives. Even though converting the bark into a resource could be a challenging task, people still used it as a form of media by creating this newspaper. It was interesting to see the newspaper side of mass media used in the Pacific Islands area.

The Fiji Times

Another piece that caught my eye was the artwork of a Scottish artist by the name of Alison Kinnaird. Before reading the plaque for this work of art, I felt that the piece was telling a story. I wasn’t 100% sure on the message, but I knew there was a purpose within the art. I learned that the artist was trying to convey a journey through life. She wanted to show life form the point of birth to death. I was intrigued initially by the lights and I thought it was appealing to the eye. Then when I learned more of the background information, I found even more appreciation for it. If art speaks to its viewers and tells a story, it becomes a form of mass media.

A local’s artwork.

While moving around to each display in the museum, I came across a few of these wooden boxes. This one specifically interested me because with just a click of a button you get to hear either a story, song, or poem from the Pacific. Being able to hear actual songs or stories that can give you more insight on life in the Pacific is a great source of media.

Pacific Stories

Throughout the whole Museum, I spotted plenty of things that are connected to Mass Media. Honestly, anything can really be linked to media. Media is all about spreading a message and there was plenty of that here.