Today after an interesting lecture on the history of video games by Brian Baglow, we headed over to the National Museum of Scotland and were given the task to find some displays that represent mass media.


Printing Press

Immediately after walking into the museum, I saw this modern printing press. It was an invention that allowed for many copies of the same print media to be produced at a fast rate. This printing press wasn’t the first version, but it was one of the first industrial ones made of metal. It was used in America as well as Scotland.


Formula 1 Racecar

Next, I found a formula 1 race car that had advertisements plastered all over it. This relates to mass media because the advertisements that are on the car allow for many people to take in the information that is being transmitted. These cars also go over 200 miles per hour!




The final communication device I found in the museum was a satellite. These allow for information to be transmitted across vast distances in a fraction the time that it would normally take. Satellites relay radio waves from a satellite dish and reflect them to space, then relay them right back to another satellite dish that could be on another side of the Earth.

The museum had a lot of cool communications displays, but it also had a lot of other cool displays such as nature exhibit and fashion exhibit. The best part is that it’s free! If you ever find yourself in Scotland, make sure to check out the Museum of Scotland!