Today we had a very exciting day with two very different activities planned. First we had Brain Baglow from Rockstar games come and talk to us. Brain is a leader in field and also worked on the first two Grand Theft Auto’s. His message was very clear: technology is involved in everyones life. This technology may be your smart phone, computer, or video game console. He went on to say how the video game industry is rather young, but growing rapidly. The advancement of computers has helped the growth. We don’t realize this, but the app store is the best example of this. It was created in 2009, but has grown tremendously over the last eight years. He admitted he is a video game nerd, but argued that video games or phone games are good in moderation.

This afternoon we went to the National Museum of Scotland where we were given a task to find mass media examples throughout the museum. It is amazing when you open your mind up how many examples you can find. My first example was the printing press which helped produce media in bulk and reach a bigger platform. My second example was the tobacco shop sign. This is similar to that of a barber shop sign. If you saw this sign you would know tobacco was sold at that particular store. Finally my last example was the church bell. This helped communicate to the public that mass was starting or that it was at a certain point of the celebration. All in all this was a very learning filled day from an expert, and then sight seeing in a museum.

Printing Press
Tobacco Sign
Church Bell