For my entire life, my mom has made me take a picture holding a clock of some sort at 10:57 am on June 20th, the exact time of my birth. Every year I complain and fight it aggressively, and every year I succumb to the pressures of my mom. I still ask when this godforsaken tradition can end, but here I am, asking for permission to use my phone during a lecture by our guest speaker in Scotland so that I can snap the coveted picture for my mom.

This one is for you, Jilly Willy.

This morning, I kept glancing at my phone to make sure I didn’t miss the 10:57 mark. I think 10:56 may have been the longest minute of my life since I worried so much about missing it that I didn’t take my eyes of the clock. Alli captured the photo for me from the back row of the lecture and that was that.  Picture number 20 has officially been added to the collection.

It was kind of funny how the day connected. As I added another year to my age today, I was thrown back into the past during our lecture by video game expert, Brian Baglow. Everything Brian talked about reminded me of my childhood and all of the games I would play with my brother and my neighbors. From the pictures Brian showed us of the Nintendo 64, Gameboys, Wii consoles, Xboxes, and Play Station systems, to the questions he posed about which games we knew of or played, I could not help but feel sentimental at the thought of how quickly time flies. It feels like just yesterday that my brother and I traded Pokémon Emerald Green and Ruby Red once we finished our respective games, and that I formed a Guitar Hero “band,” the Plain White T-Shirts, with my neighbor. Twenty years go by in the blink of an eye. Thanks for everything you’ve done to get me here, Mom and Dad.