BBC Scotland studios

Meeting with BBC Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland, was an amazing experience. We met with Ian Small, the head of public policy and corporate affairs.

Ian Small and myself.

The day started with him giving us a little history about BBC.  The British Broadcasting Company was formed in 1922.  In November of 1922 the first broadcast aired from London, England.

The group getting excited over that set.
One of the work spaces inside the BBC Scotland studio

BBC is the United Kingdom’s main source of news, the best part there are no commercials. In America we pay cable company’s a fee every month for tv and stil have commercials because the advertisements help fund the programming. In the United Kingdom BBC is independent and funded by audiences paying a yearly licensing fee.  The company also can rent out some of their facilities, when doing so that money also goes back into the company.

Ten years ago BBC was at 4.6 Billion pounds compared to Apple‘s 4.6 billion dollars. Today Apple is at 69 million , BBC only grossed up to 5.2 billion. Small shared that important detail with us to explain that BBC is a big company but not Globally. The company is still bigger than it’s competitors such as ITV , Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.

Ian let me be the weather girl.

To think about it, the company does have a lot of challenges compared to other companies. For starters I thought Michigan’s weather was bi polar but Scotland reaches 50 degrees in the middle of June. Also all the inclines and declines from the heels and mountains around Scotland makes it hard to keep a strong signal. When it’s hard to keep a strong signal it is also more expensive.

BBC also faces the challenges of making Big expensive shoes such as Game of thrones. Ian stated that 90 minutes of football is better than 10 hours of Drama.

The company also makes deals with companies in the states that can help benefit both and maximize profit. “These types of clever deals become more important. ” Said Small.  The best way BBC stays on top is by staying on top of things that are new. Again communication is key , and communicating with the public is how BBC stays a relevant as a media outlet. BBC audiencesBBC audiences mainly enjoy mystery and crime based shows. That isn’t to different from American audiences enjoying Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, CSI and other shows as such.

I asked Small how regulations work with being an independent company. His response was simple “We have a big bible of guidelines that all programs have to follow.” Although BBC isn’t regulated by the government, the company still has standard and rules to follow.

The main hall of the building where employees go to work with one another

Fun fact: the floors are made of the same as the Statue of Liberty.

Small said the interior design of the building was designed by the employees. Small said the company thrives on making a work environment. I would love to work in an enovorment as such. I believe I will one day, because TV is where I need to be.