As a gentleman and a scholar, I was very excited to visit the University of Oxford. After an hour train ride and a short walk, we had arrived. We visited New College, one of the oldest colleges at Oxford. While we were there we visited the chapel where students can come to prayer or celebrate mass. We also visited a beautiful garden with no pigeons to attack us. This has been an ongoing problem while we have been in London. We then visited their cafeteria where students and faculty eat. There is a high table that students can be invited to eat a meal with the faculty.8A1B40F5-87CE-4C9D-B506-D0502CC5EE49.JPG

Oxford is a prestigious university where only very gifted students are accepted. They do not advertise because it is a place where only the best of the best go. Michigan State University on the other hand spends millions on advertisements to get students to come to their school. I think this is partially because their are more places to choose from in the states. Sure England has great schools, but the United States has better universities in general.EE74C18B-64A4-4B8A-9CEE-028D7C9EF6D9.JPGOxford is obviously a top university in the world, but it is also a huge tourist attraction. People come day in and day out to see the old, but beautiful campus. The city also has many shops and stores to shop while in the city. All in all it was great day and experience to see one of the best universities in the world, and to spend a day in such a cool city.