IMG_5033.JPGLast week we went to the ITV studio in London. It was an amazing experience to see what goes into a television show day in and day out. We thought we were going to an actual taping of the show, “Loose Women“, but it turned out we were just getting a tour of the studio. This in my opinion was more beneficial to see that then watching a show similar to the “View.” We saw everything ranging from the back stage area, the lighting room, and the control room. They let us take turns being the director, an anchor, or a camera man. I was only a camera man because i had no desire to do anything else. Tom, the camera man was a very bright and useful man when it came to teaching an inexperienced person. He taught me that you should always consider the two thirds rules, and not be too jerky when you move the camera. The biggest thing is to never panic if you mess something up.IMG_5034.JPGWe met three out of the four hosts of the show for a few minutes where they gave us advice about the industry and life advice. I always appreciate when professionals who have been through it all offer advice on how to manage your life. The cool part of the show is that its all women and a woman director. They explained that work is fun and they feel like their co-workers are a family. They hang outside of work, and look after another. All in all today was a great experience to go to one of the biggest studios in London.