British Broadcasting Corporation

Glasgow, Scotland 

Another industry tour has left me as inspired as ever! Our visit to BBC Scotland in Glasgow was an incredible experience. We were greeted with refreshments (tea, coffee, Scottish pastries) and made ourselves comfortable in a theater type room with bright green lounging chairs. After a presentation on the history and future of the BBC, we received a full tour of the building and architecture which included small nooks for people to chat and work outside of a cubicle feel, a modern cafeteria for employee meals and snacks, and the opportunity to visit the newsroom set and take a photo in the “presenter’s” seat!

The presenter gave us the run down on the BBC and their company goals and morals. They have a large book of rules and regulations to keep each employee true to their mission. Their biggest thing is credibility. They do not want to be a news source that gets the details first, the want to be the news source who gets it right. Because the BBC is publicly funded, there are no commercials! I find this very interesting as an Advertising student because although it would be nice to not have to worry about commercials, commercials are what get people to BUY, and this their biggest and best network… so where do the advertisers turn to? This system helps to maintain their credibility as a quality and loyal news source for the people, and I respect them for that. The building was designed to make employees work more efficiently with proper lighting for all of their broadcasting needs.

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