Mondays are known to be one of the hardest days to get through, but fortunately for me today has been quite the opposite. This Monday was different because I had the opportunity to tour BBC Scotland. The BBC is a publicly funded broadcaster in the U.K. but is based out of Glasgow. The BBC building has offices from the radio faction to the television faction. There are so many sections throughout the complex filled with people who deal with different parts of broadcasting.

BBC News
One of the multiple office-sections throughout the BBC building.

During my visit I was able to see every floor of the building, a news channel set/stage, a sound board room, and BBC’s second largest studio. It was interesting to see what “put- together” sets looks like versus an empty studio. Outside of seeing different parts of BBC broadcasting, I learned a lot of interesting facts about the BBC building. I was told about why the inside looked the way it does now. The company wanted the interior to be lit up with sunshine (as much sunshine as they can get), so they have the building covered in windows. They also wanted to have it look open and large. BBC wanted the studios built in an effective way and created platforms (see picture below) within the center of the complex that hosts the studios underneath. Lastly, they wanted the interior to please their employees. It was cool to find out that the company personally asked the employees to design the inside so that they enjoyed where they worked.

The inside of BBC from the top floor. Fun-Fact: the brown colored flooring used in most of the building is the same material used in America’s Statue of Liberty. 

BBC opened my eyes to a facility that accommodates all forms of media. I enjoyed the environment of the BBC workplace so much, that I now strive to work at place like this. I felt that the total atmosphere was built for people to have a creative mind and for people who love media. BBC Scotland not only made my Monday amazing, but it gave me more motivation to chase after my dream job.