London was nothing short of lovely. It wasn’t excatly what I pictured but it was 2 weeks of my life that I would tell my grand children about one day. Compared to Belfast , Dublin and Cardiff …London was the most modernized. I was able to easily compare media here compared to media in the states. Media was everywhere around London, through journalism, advertisement, marketing, retail, tours, attractions and the history of London  it’s self. When thinking of Media while in London it was natural to think of culture once again. It was easy to see how the mixture of different people communicate differently. The accents were different , the slang in different areas varied.

We stayed on Farmington RD in flats called Kamen House.  Although we stayed in Central London my favorite part of London was Brixton.

Brixton is we’re majority of the black community stays. I fell in love with this area because I was able to get my nails done and find beauty products that I use at home. England’s black history is different from the history blacks faced in America yet the separation is natural. I believe this is simply because of the culture. In my blog nailing it in London I discussed how the Vitenimes nail tech had a mixture of British and Vitenimes accents. The black people of London had African and British accents. In America black communities are known for their slang and urban language. London was no different. All of the friends I met in London that used slang said “in it” after everything.  “Oh you from America in it?” Was the question I got everytime I opened my mouth to someone new. My London friends believe Americans are the ones who don’t speak “proper” English. We had a friendly disagreement about that and my argument was that London people do not pronounce their “t’s” and “h’s”. A conversation about the differences in slang communication was appreciated. As an inspiring entertainment journalist I found this information not only interesting but useful. 

Camberwell street in Brixton
The window from my central London flat
After climbing mountains and counting sheep I found home at a nail shop in London.

Keeping in mind there was other communities such as China town London which was close to Soho district. The Soho district was my second  favorite. The hip cool culture of the area was intriguing. I’ve read about Soho in Vanity fair and Vougue, to actually walk the streets was memorable.

Soho district, peep the apple watch advertisement.
I got a cool shirt that would have cost more in USD.
A store called Present where a man from New York works.
Inside one of the stores in Soho.
One of the most memorable walls in the Soho District

Soho district was close to picidally circus, where I stumbled across this department store called Selfriges. I first assumed it was a mall but I found it was department store. This is no ordinary department store.  Everything was designer …Everything! I instantly heard my mother’s voice in my head.  “DeVinnia if you can’t afford you better not touch it .” With her lips all tight and her mom voice. I couldn’t  resist looking and taking pictures though.



Part of the Chanel store in Selfridges
The Supreme store in Soho. We had to stand in line just to shop.

 I discovered that Piccadilly Circus was something like London’ s time square in the making.  The location of this idea is a great marketing technique because it is between two shopping districts. Marketing and advertising is a great way to use the power of media to communicate to a mass group of people. Along with that Advertisements to tourist attractions communicates to the public. Tours are a great way to keep people tangibly interested in the history of a town. One of my favorite tour was the one around Camden with Mike.

Our tour guide Mike showing us around Camden

Camden was a beautiful place to visit. It’s where most of the celebrities stay in near London. The Beckhams, Johnny Dep and Harry Styles just to name a few. My day in Camden was interesting because I found out about this town of stars threw the eyes of a former homeless man. To have a neighborhood that is mainly known for it’s celebrity status yet remains “mom and pop” like is something rare. I believe it is what makes Camden more unique.

Have you ever seen a Mercedes Benz Ice cream truck?

Just a few blocks down from all the fame was a street full of shopping and outside markets. I came across something familiar and dear to my heart. American Apparel stuck out like a sore thumb. I worked at American Apparel for my first two years of college. Everytime I go out of town I would make sure I visit one just to see the difference. I’ve always dreamed of going to one out of the country because American Apparel was one of the few retailers who’s merchandise was made and manufactured in America. Recently all American Apparel’s closed down for good. Although I was never able to visit the inside I did get a chance to see it before the sign was taken down. 

London , England is home of the Beatles. To watch our tour guide get excited about historic places the Beatles have been, showed his pride to be from England. He even told us that he got married at the same place as the one the Beatles members because he is such a big fan. The town of London really takes pride in letting tourist know what celebrities have been where. Although I am not a Beatles fan, I did appreciate being shown Abbey Rd.




My time in London opened my eyes as big as the London. Traveling here has opened my mind to new ideas and thoughts that will tale me back to the states. I will one day return.