University of Oxford visit

Oxford, England

Like many other Americans, I have a strong interest in John F. Kennedy’s family and all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy Curse”. I have done a lot of reading and have a genuine interest in learning more about his presidency and the people who surrounded his life, especially his former wife, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. I admire the way “Jackie” dressed and carried herself as a well-mannered and highly respectable woman. The more I learned about Jackie and the family’s lives, the more interested I was to learn about the lives of upper class families in America and abroad.

The media portrays the glamour and perks (nice clothing, frequent boating, vacations) but I wanted to meet the type of people behind these lives. I moved to Nantucket Island in Massachusetts on a whim last summer. Nantucket is one of the most highly concentrated areas of millionaires in the United States. I did not leave on a quest to surround myself with wealthy people for my own intentions. I was on a quest to learn about the lives of these people and how they get themselves to the places they are. I am interested in the process of entrepreneurs, politicians, sales leaders and go-getters of the world, because I feel that I have the potential to accomplish just as much success.

Having the opportunity to visit Ivy League schools and the equivalent abroad has opened my eyes to the limitless opportunities in education. My education from Michigan State University has given me the confidence to look into applying to grad schools at the most prestigious colleges in the U.S. and abroad. I believe I can accomplish amazing things from MSU’s foundation. In Oxford, we toured the New College and saw the amazing architecture and green grass gardens. We spent time having afternoon tea (Earl Grey – with milk), sandwiches and macarons (and cheesecake, too!). We then walked down to the river, purchased boating hats for 3.5 pounds, and set off in a gondala down the beautiful river. It was one of the most peaceful and relaxing things we have done on this trip. That is until we got stuck because the water ran too shallow, and when we had to lay down flat in the boat to avoid being struck by a low hanging branch! All of the mishaps of the trip were worth the laughs and quality memories we made.

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