Dan Wheatly added to my entire change in perception of London. Prior to coming here, I sadly mistaken London for a European country. England is just like home if you ask me. When I say home, I mean America because it is in no way like Michigan… except for the bipolar weather. When people ask, I describe London as New York, but much much bigger. Here’s why.

Dan came to talk to us about the evolution of British multi-culturism. He mentioned that London wants to promote itself to the world as a global city. What they’re trying to do is something that America has been doing. Despite our many issues, America is known as a melting pot because of the many races, ethnicities, cultures, etc. that we house. London is well on its way to doing the same. I never expected for London to be the home of as many different cultures as It is.

Dan’s presentation included a poem by Daniel Defoe, “The True Born Englishman.” The poem in a nutshell was talking about the british are supposed to be the prestigious, pure people, when in actuality, Englishmen are products of other nations. Like America, people travelled from all over the place, and settled here, so there is no “true Englishmen.” There I was thinking of home again.

America’s foundation is a mixture of people. It’s a mixture of Native Americans, Europeans, slaves, immigrants, etc. This made me wonder- so do the same rules apply to America? Is there no true American men?