Today’s lecture was from Martin, a cartoonist for The Guardian newspaper. When he introduced himself, I honestly didn’t know what exactly was supposed to get from this lesson. In all honesty, he continued, I still wasn’t too sure. His presentation included loads of visuals- majority of it being his work. He is a talented artist indeed. I started to take pictures of his wok for blogging purposes, but it was then when I realized exactly what I could take from this lecture. The comparison between political cartooning is extremely similar to ours in America.
In the beginning of his lecture he said, “laughter is social control.” He continued with saying we laugh to repel embarassment, sadness, etc. He used Trump as an example. Trump’s strategy is to get a joke in first, attempting to embarrass someone else, to feel as if people are laughing with him, opposed to at him. Political Cartooning gives us the comic relief, otherwise, we’d go mad.

I took a class my freshman year- can’t remember the course topic or the instructor, but I do remember the professor talking about the history of political cartooning. It’s something that dates back to the early years of the U.S. Journalists would draw pictures describing what was going on in politics because majority of the public couldn’t read. It became comical for mockery purposes yes, but that comic relief aspect came into play as well.

Today, I believe the effects are the same. Martin was vey transparent with who was and wasn’t his favorite politician, but his work to me wasn’t biased. Everything that happened, he depicted accurately. It was a pleasure having a session with him.