Today’s adventure included visiting Golley Slater Advertising agency. This visit reminded me of one of the many visits during my field experience in la. I’m not an advertising major, but I can honestly say that I have an idea of the advertising world because of the multiple visits to these companies.

From what I can tell, Golleyslater is similar to the American advertising companies, specifically Deutsch. I say this because deutsch’s main client is volkswagon back at home, while Golley Slater’s main client is Mitsubishi. One of the speakers mentioned how their chain of customer loyalty works. This specifically reminded me of deutsch’s process. Their older customers get the most day so. If another company wants to work with them while they’re on a project with an older’s client, that clients gives the go on whether or not they can take on the outside job. I thought that was interesting because it seems as if they would want more money, so they wouldn’t look for an okay from anyone.

Afterwards, we were taken to a local pub and was able to mix and mingle with a few Golleyslate employees. I thought this was so cool of the director of the company to do. He reminded me a lot of the ceos and producers we met in LA.

A question that I would have for anyone in advertising would how do they keep up with the times, and stay creative? I couldn’t imagine working with advertising because it’s new ideas that constantly have to be thought of. I commend those who do it though! I had a lovely time at Golley Slater, and I learned that tea is supposed to be drank with milk. Who knew! 🤷🏼‍♀️