While in Wales, we were present for a very exciting and special time for the citizens. This is because they were hosting the EUFA championship match between the Italian club Juventus and the Spanish club Real Madrid. This was a repeat of the the 1998 finals where Real Madrid went on to win. Cardiff was selected to host the finals in June of 2015, but they did run into a problem with the naming of the stadium. They later agreed to call the stadium “National Stadium of Wales” for the playing of the match. There are a lot of similarities with this and the Super Bowl which happens once a year.2B745718-3CBD-40F4-82D6-17613502728B.JPG

The people of Cardiff and of Wales were very proud to host this event because of the redevelopment of the city. After talking with a Golley Slater employee, he said that Cardiff has come a long way in the last five to ten years with the transformation of the downtown area. This reminds me of the city of Detroit where I live very close to. Detroit was hit very hard with an economic recession about ten years ago. Since then with the help of investors and eager citizens, the city has been changing rapidly for the better.054A371F-7FBD-4629-8CE1-F836D4FC8032.JPG

I think the Super Bowl and the EUFA Champions League Finals are very similar in the way the media covers it. For example, both sports host a media day where each team sits down with media outlets across the world and they are asked questions about a wide range of subjects.  The star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo For soccer and Tom Brady are always the most important players interviewed for the big game.990F3F45-B88A-4D57-A394-65036455A6C9.JPG

Soccer or futbol is Europe’s most popular sport so it only makes sense that the game is the biggest of the year. It was expected that this game was to bring in about 1 Billion pounds in the weekend. People from all over the world came in to see the game which caused hotels to sell out and raise their prices. Unknown-1.jpegThe security around the stadium was very tight due to the Manchester Bombing. Guards lined the stadium with assault rifles and even were walking around the surrounding blocks to make sure the area was safe. The game had medal detectors to get in, bags were being checked, and people were getting patted down. This proved to get the job done as no attacks happened.

The one big difference between the Super Bowl and the EUFA is the lack of commercials. The Super Bowl is known for the commercials throughout the game. These commercials also come at a very expensive price. in 2017, the average Super Bowl commercial cost 5 million dollars for a 30 second ad. This goes back to the point that advertising is not as big of a deal as it is in the states. I think many companies in Europe would benefit from getting there name out across to millions of viewers who tune into the game. Advertising agencies would benefit from this along with the companies who show off their products to consumers.

The EUFA also has a bigger reach pulling in 165 million viewers worldwide compared to the 111 million for the Super Bowl. This proves that there should be better advertisements throughout the game. All in all companies worldwide and across Europe should take notes and try to buy television space throughout the game.

Real Madrid went on to win the game 4-1 over Juventus, but it was an action packed game. It was a great win for the Spanish powerhouse, and an even bigger win for the city of Cardiff. Here is a recap of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjhC7dktrt4